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State by State Solar Incentives

Uncle Sam Wants You to Go Solar!

Federal and state incentive programs lower the net cost of installing a solar energy system. A lower out-of-pocket cost means a quicker payback and higher return on investment.


Each state offers a different basket of incentives. New York State, one of the leaders in renewable energy and sustainability, makes solar more affordable than ever. New York State’s NYSERDA grant program is applied to the upfront cost of the solar installation. This makes it more affordable to put solar panels on your property with a quicker payback. On top of the state incentives, the federal government provides additional monetary tax credits. With limited time and availability, be sure to take advantage of these offers as soon as you can.

1. 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (FITC)
2. 25% New York State Tax Credit
3. NYSERDA Grant
Current Commercial Incentives:
1. 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (FITC)
2. MACRS Accelerated Depreciation
3. NYSERDA Grant (Small Commercial / Large Commercial)


Now is the best time to go solar because these incentives are slowly diminishing! To learn more about how easy it is to go solar, contact us today for your Free Solar Cost Evaluation of your business and home.

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