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How Solar Works

How Does Solar Energy Works?

Solar Panel:


Sunlight is absorbed into the cells of the solar panels. The electrons between the charged silicon layers of the cells become excited and produce DC electricity.



The solar electricity passes through an inverter, which turns it into the same type of AC power that is delivered by the utility company. Your new solar electricity first powers any lights, appliances, or equipment you happen to be using in the building. You will first use all available solar electricity before taking any from the utility power grid.

Net meter:


Excess electricity flows backward through the electric meter out to the grid. A “net meter” spins both forward and backward depending whether you’re producing excess power or taking it from the utility company. In the daytime the meter will either spin backward or slow the count forward.



You only pay for “net usage” – the difference between the amount you take from the utility company and the amount you give back. Depending on the size of your system and usage, the electricity you produce will cover either all or part of your overall electric bill.


This is a typical off grid setup with car battery backup system for storing the excess electrical power for night use.

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