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About Us

Payless Solar is the leader in the solar industry.

Payless Solar is not a solar panel installation company. There are no middlemen and no contract signing required. Solving all your renewable energy needs for a brighter future is our number one priority. Payless Solar is a privately owned solar panel distribution company. Here at Payless Solar no order is too big or too small for us. We ship worldwide. Our enthusiastic team is a group of people who share the common vision of delivering solar energy on a global scale.

Payless Solar is a complete buy direct, DIY solar panels and equipment supplier which is based in the United States. High volume purchasing means low prices for our customers. We work directly with our manufacturers and offer a variety of options.

Our growing company is committed to promoting energy independence through widespread do it yourself installation of solar electric systems with a focus on energy indepence for the consumers. We further promote the technology through wholesale distribution of solar panels and solar components.

An integral part of our company’s commitment is to work closely with rural area home owners and other home owners in less developed nations and their Elertricians to deliver renewable energy resources for the least amount of money. Payless Solar is committed to meeting all your solar panels, hardware and equipment needs. We work with only the finest manufacturers of quality solar electric equipment. To see more of our products please contact us for more information.

For more details about our products please contact us.